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THE NEW COLLEGE, CHENNAI : Two-day International Conference on

“CHALLENGES BEFORE YOUTH IN THE CONTEMP0RARY WORLD” held on 10th and 11th of December 2011 at the New College, Chennai.
It is a matter of satisfaction that a two-day (December 10-11, 2011) International Conference on “Challenges Before Youth in Contemporary World’ is concluded on in Chennai. The conference was organized by the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), New Delhi in collaboration with the New College – Autonomous, Chennai. It has been able to muster support and participation of all sections of society in general, but youth and women in particular. The Chennai Chapter of the IOS is appreciated for its efforts in organising the conference at such a scale and the New College, Chennai for extending its full support to make the event successful.

The conference adopted the following resolutions in its concluding session.


1. It is resolved that serious efforts be taken to set up a specialized ‘IOS Global Council for Youth Development’ in Chennai.

2. It is resolved that Chennai Chapter shall draw a plan to approach regional institutions and policy planners to muster support for augmenting interaction with marginalised groups to study their issues and problems within their specific context. Collaboration with other societies to carry out these activities should be a priority.

3. It is resolved that Chennai Chapter should also establish viable linkages with other regional chapters of IOS and try to create coordination with each other.

4. It was resolved that effort should be made to involve the political, social and cultural segments of Tamil Nadu for creating awareness about the plight of Muslim youth and other marginalised sections of society.

5. It is resolved to request the government to make quality education at higher levels affordable to weaker and marginalised sections of societies as it has become expensive and beyond their reach.

6. It is resolved that special efforts be made to initiate programmes of soft and life skills development among youth at all desirable levels. A close contact with state government in these areas will be aimed at.

7. It is resolved that efforts be made to include ethical and moral value systems in the school and college curricula.

8. It is resolved to request the Tamil Nadu government to protect and promote all minority languages in the state.

9. It is resolved that IOS sets up a separate fund to support Muslim youth who appears for IAS, IPS and other central and state services.

10. It is resolved to make a survey of the Muslim youth and their family members who had undergone physical and mental agony during their incarceration in prisons for several years. Efforts should be made to take suitable measures for their rehabilitation.

11. This conference appeals to the Muslim community to pay maximum attention in bringing up and character building of their children in Islamic perspective and also guide them in the selection of their career.

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By V.M. Khaleelur Rahman

The subject “Challenges Before Youth in Contemporary World” given by the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) for the two day international Seminar on 10th and 11th December 2011 in Chennai is an important one.

As the IOS’s Concept Note says, about 1/5th of the total world population are youth and our country India has about 243 million youth in the age group of 15-19 and it will cross over 300 million if the upper age limit is extended to 24 years. We can imagine the strength of the Muslim youth in the country although their exact figure is not available to us. Muslims are the second largest community in India estimated to be about 15% and so the Muslim youth will be around 45 million here. Our role in every field of national activity is vital for unity, development and prosperity of the country and we have been doing that in our own way despite many hurdles and discriminations.

The 2002 Gujarat riots and some other inhuman atrocities perpetrated on the minorities are of course a big blot on our country’s beautiful secular image. The judicial verdicts, which have been pronounced recently in the Gujarat cases, though delayed, have exposed the culprits to the nation and the world. The governments at the Centre and in the States should pay heed to them and take strong remedial measures to keep communal forces at check, severely punish the guilty and compensate or rehabilitate the victims of the riots and cleanse the politics of the country from anti national and criminal elements.

The world particularly our country has been discussing issues like drug abuse, violence, linguistic chauvinism, religious extremism etc. which are faced by the youth. Besides these, there is also degradation in moral values of the people in general and the youth in particular. It has become difficult for the youth to be safe from harmful entertainments before them – ugly and obscene dance, uncultured and brute music, free flow of alcohol etc. Almost every house has a TV either bought or given by the government as a free gift for voting it to power in states like Tamil Nadu. One feels that it is mostly misused and good educational and national programmes are seen only by a few interested people. The paper reports say that students are the worst sufferers in the TV mania to which people are addicted.

In this scenario the community has the responsibility to save the youth from going astray. Parents, teachers, social activists and the society as a whole has to be alert and train the children properly in accordance with Islamic thoughts and values.

The old adage that a man is known by the company he keeps is right. The youth will suffer if they are not in good company. There is a saying of Prophet Mohammed (sal-am) that “Arrajulu ala deeni khaleelihee falyenzur ahadukum man yukhalilu” – It means that a man follows his friend and so each of you should be careful who you befriend.

The youth are the backbone of a nation and it is they who have to shape its destiny. Prophet Mohammed (sal-am) has said that he was supported by the young and poor and rejected by the old and rich. It is also a fact that most of the revolutionaries were youngsters and forces of change for better.

An ideal person gives importance to spirituality, moral values such as righteousness, honesty, humility and endeavours to practise them in life. The holy Quran says:

53:39 That man can have nothing but what he strives for:

Wa an laysa lil insane illa ma saAAa

The Muslim youth are not in any jungle. They are in the glare of the fast changing world. A majority of Muslims are poor. They have to depend on others for survival. The main reason for erosion of traditional systems and institutions is due to lack of joint efforts by ulema and intellectuals to find solutions by ijtihad to the problems faced by them. The community and the nation can be safe only if they are on the right track discharging their responsibilities well.

The Muslim youth as others are confronted with the deafening noise of individualism, materialism, atheism, selfishness, disregard for family bonds etc. They are in a fix. They need best possible counseling. Muslim organizations have to give right guidance to them in the light of the holy Quran and Hadees for their and the country’s bright future.

We are in a secular, plural and democratic country. The globalization has many plus points. Muslims have also started learning the importance of better modern education and are sending their boys and girls to science and arts, engineering and medical colleges for studies and quite a large number of Muslim youth are working in BPOs, Call Centres and IT companies where merit counts and there is no room for corruption, nepotism or communalism and it should be appreciated by us. Mostly young boys and girls belonging to different faiths work together in these companies and so problems crop up sometimes. We see some people going astray. It has therefore become a must for the Muslim community to create an Islamic atmosphere more than ever before in their families, mohallas and institutions so that their identity as a disciplined Islamic community remains intact.

The Muslim community is passing through a difficult period facing many problems such as dowry demands, lavish marriage expenses, increase in divorce incidents etc. If ulema and umara in the jamaats enact necessary norms for marriage and other functions and try to follow and implement them, things can change for better. They are the powerful people in the society and hence they are expected to practise Islamic austerity, simplicity and dignity before giving sermons.

As far as Muslim youth are concerned, they are mostly confused and in a dilemma in the present world over some other issues also like taking bank loans, doing bank service, getting higher education, birth control, participation in functions like Deepavalli and birth day celebrations, maslaki controversies, controversial fatwas etc. Apart from these, ugly display of wealth by the rich without any concern for the poor living in pathetic conditions in slums also shock them. Undoubtedly the rich and the poor do not see eye to eye with each other as the bond of Islamic fraternity which kept them together without any big differences seems to be on the wane now. They seem to have become two different castes. I remember having read a report somewhere that one of the causes for the severe infightings witnessed in Pakistan is due to the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

The tragedy of the community is that while Islamic scholars are hesitant in taking suitable actions on some issues like triple talaq which according to all schools of thought is an undesirable and condemnable act, some so called liberal Muslims, brought up in an un-Islamic atmosphere but interested in Islam, are almost waging a war for changes in the Shariat laws as per their understandings without any regard for the respected scholars who enjoy the confidence of the people and are considered the pillars of the society. It is not that the demand for changes on certain issues is altogether wrong in the present changed times. But the way they present their arguments is somewhat worrisome. It must be clear to us that nobody will be able to do anything without the support of Islamic scholars. Moreover the demands should also be in accordance with the holy Quran and Hadees. There is need for us to see what the Shariat says and why and not to change it as per our whims and fancies. The print and visual media are bent upon tarnishing the image of the Muslim community and Islam today. Hence both ulema and moderate Muslims should be cautious in echoing the affairs of the community to the press.

Even Dr. Allama Mohammed Iqbal had said that the claim of Muslim liberals to re-interpret the legal principles in the light of their own experience and the altered conditions of modern life is perfectly justified. He regretted for not recognizing the modernity of the Quran.

Hence the need of the hour is to bring these two sections of the Muslim community together for finding solutions to the problems in the light of the holy Quran and Hadees.

Islamic institutions like Darul Uloom, Deoband and Nadwathul Ulema, Lucknow can come forward to join hands with different Muslim organizations and institutions and find solutions to the social, cultural and religious problems confronting the community and work for its onward march in the national affairs.

Let us have some community consciousness. Allama Iqbal says: “Mubtalaye dard koi azu ho roti hai aakh, Kis qadar hamdard sare jism ki hoti hai aakh” – As our eye weeps and shows sympathy when any part of our body is in pain, we should feel the pain of the suffering people and go to their rescue. It is what Islam teaches and wants us to do. There is a hadees of Prophet Mohammed (sal-am) that “ Laa yoominu ahadukum haththa yuhibbu leeakheehi maa yuhibbu linaffsihi” – Nobody from you will be a complete Muslim until he is in a position to like for his brother what he likes for himself.


Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) Silver Jubilee Celebrations

A two day seminar on "Challenges before youth in contemporary world" is to be held on Saturday and Sunday, 10th and 11th December 2011 at the New College, Chennai.

Dr. Mohamed Manzoor Alam, Chairman, IOS and other national and international dignitaries, educationists and social activists participate.

We wish the seminar all the best.

V.M. Khaleelur Rahman



V.M. Khaleelur Rahman

Arrivals of tanned goat skins continue to be limited in the Chennai leather market and exporters are finding it difficult to cover their requirements. As prices of raw skins are ruling high everywhere in the country, many small tanners have either curtailed or stopped their productions. There is also a financial crunch in the market and payments are delayed very much.

It is learnt that tanned goat skins Run selection is sold at around Rs.60, All Suede at around Rs.55 and Suede selection lot (up to Heel grip) at around Rs. 48 per sq. ft. Many exporters of leather and leather products are very much interested in these higher selections but prices vary depending on quality, selection and the need of the buyer. There is also a continued demand for Lining selections A/B/C at around Rs. 41/40/39 per sq. ft. Local Rejections are sold at around Rs. 32 per sq. ft.

Wet blue cow hides Run is sold at around Rs.85 and middle selections combined at around Rs.55 per sq. ft. and some reputed tanners fetch even higher prices in centres like Erode. Vaniyambadi tanners are supplying items like Sheep Nappa, Suede and Linings to exporters of leather products at different almost unchanged prices.

While some big tanners and exporters are having good orders for various items of finished leathers, small exporters say that “at present new business is difficult as prices are not coming”. Overseas customers do not seem to be as enthusiastic as before for business now. They want reduction in prices for continuity of business.

Recent offers of exporters are at around the following prices:


Material Size/sq. ft. Substance Selection Price US$ per sq. ft. C&F

Goat upper leather 3/5 or 4/7 0.6/0.8 mm ABC 2.50

Goat milled leather 4/7 0.6/0.8 mm E 2.00

Goat suede leather 3/5 or 4/7 0.6/0.8 mm ABC/D/E 2.30/1.80/1.60

Goat lining leather

4/7 0.5/0.7 mm TR-1/2/3 1.60/1.50/1.40

6/9 0.6/0.8 mm TR-1/2/3 1.65/1.55/1.45

Goat lining leather lot 3/9 0.5 up mm Stock lot 1.10


Material Size/sq.ft. Substance Selection Price US$ per sq.ft. C&F

Sheep Suede/Cabretta leather 4/7 0.6/0.8 mm ABC/D/E 2.50/2.00/1.50

Sheep Suede/cabretta leather 6/9 0.8/1.00 mm ABC/D/E 2.75/2.25/1.75

Sheep lining leather 3/5 or 4/7 0.5/0.7 mm TR-1/2/3 combined 1.60

There is no report of any big business in the market and it seems that only some patchy business have taken place. There are also delays in shipment due to limited availability of raw skins. Imports of raw skins from some Arab countries like Egypt are also meagre due to internal problems in those countries. Even imports from countries like Switzerland have been affected due to unworkable prices quoted by exporters in Dollar and Euro and their higher exchange rates in Rupees. There are indications from some sources that the stiff competition existing in the market will ease as foreign customers are slow in their activities.

An exporter told me that Chinese and Pakistani exporters are posing a great threat to Indian exporters by offering their products at comparatively lower prices as higher exchange rates and incentives are available to them.

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The Haj Committee of India provides free coaching & guidance for young MUSLIM Graduates. This year we are working in close coordination with a welknown professional coaching class of Pune. Hope it will enhance our results. Though we have representative candidates from Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra, and U.P. But there are still quite a few vacant seats. We are therefore holding an Entrance Test and Personal Interview on Monday 19 December 2011. Muslim Graduates from any faculty may apply. Details are given on our website:
Haj Committee of  India
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