Monday, July 27, 2015



We learnt with heavy heart that the great scientist and former President of India Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam is no more. He passed away in Shillong on Monday, 27th July 2015.

Dr. Kalam was the people’s President. All liked him and more so the students from elementary to college levels. We, the people of Ambur, were lucky to have him in our midst. He came to Ambur at the invitation of the Ambur Muslim Educational Society (AMES) and inaugurated its Centenary Celebrations held on 5th and 6th September 2006 in the campus of the Mazharul Uloom Higher Secondary School, Ambur.  The inaugural function took place on 4th September 2006 along with Question-Answer session. 

Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam’s inaugural address was illuminating, power-packed and question-answer session full of wise thoughts, so necessary for everyone particularly the students who are to shape the destiny of our country –the beautiful India – in future.

We must be proud that Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, a scientist par excellence, who was determined to mould the minds of the students for better India and make India a developed nation before 2020 was the President of India. 

Dr. Kalam was a great “ teacher ” worth the name. He gave importance to the teaching profession and encouraged students to dream their goals and endeavour their best to achieve them. He asked everyone to be honest and clean our society from evils like corruption.

I still remember how the people of Ambur were delighted in welcoming him at Ambur and listening to his lecture and interaction with the students which were full of honest and inspiring advice. He felt at home in the midst of the people there and wished them well.

At that time Mr. Chand Basha was the Headmaster of the Mazharul Uloom Higher Secondary School. This is one of the six institutions established and managed by the Ambur Muslim Educational Society including a full fledged Science and Arts College. He was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Abdul Kalam called him to the dais and handed over some books for the school. All this shows the intense interest he had in the spread of education and knowledge. He strongly believed that it is education which can change ones destiny for better and make our country a progressive and prosperous one. 

Dr. Abdul Kalam will always be remembered for his role as an excellent scientist, as a people’s president, as a good writer and orator and  most importantly as a humble and genuine human being. It is amazing how he carried himself and mingled with people both rich and poor. His simplicity and good nature won hearts and his words and inspirational speeches made people think and work for a better and bright future. 

Dr. Kalam was a man of principles and led a simple life working for the country and inspiring the people, particularly students, till his last. His passing away was so sudden. There is a good lesson even in his so simple passing away which can be described as a mercy of the Almighty Allah. 

The nation will always miss him. May his soul rest in peace.

V.M. Khaleelur Rahman

Saturday, July 18, 2015




Eid-ul-Fitr or Ramadan Eid is celebrated as a day of thanksgiving to God after successful completion of the month-long fasting from dawn to dusk during Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and on sighting the crescent moon of the 10th month called Shawwal. Ramadan is meant for fasting, worship and charity, and also for self-introspection for the purpose of purification of one's soul and body by giving up bad and attaining good things. The Holy Quran says, "Fasting is prescribed to you as it was to those before you so that you may learn self-restraint." Fasting brings people together and creates a sense of camaraderie among them. It inculcates in them righteous conduct, to be good people and brotherhood of man by eradicating evils such as anger, greed and malice.

Prophet Mohammed (Sal-am) has said, "Do not belittle even the smallest act of kindness even if it is no more than meeting your neighbour with a smiling and cheerful face. We should not consider any charity small or not worth doing. Charity, big or small, should be given in a pleasant manner without hurting the feeling of its receivers and with the thought that we are only discharging a religious duty from the wealth God has given us." According to Islam even our day-to-day acts, like being kind to others at home and outside, are charity and it makes a big difference in our relations with them.

Once when Prophet Mohammed (Sal-am) was on his way to Idgah for Id prayers, he saw a poor boy about five-years-old sitting on the pavement sadly. He went near him and asked, "Why are you alone here, my dear boy?" The boy started weeping and said, "I am an orphan with nobody to care for me." The Prophet could not bear the pathetic words of the poor boy and consoled him saying, "From now on you can look to me as your father and Ayesha as your mother," and returned home with him. When his wife Ayesha fed him and dressed him well for Id prayers the Prophet lifted him on his shoulders and said, "Ayesha, this is the happiest Id for me. I experience true happiness at the happiness of this little orphan boy." He was a great benefactor of humanity and his mission right from the beginning to end was to see that every individual maintained his self-respect free from any sort of slavery.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Balanced Healthy Diet With Dabur Honey

A balanced healthy food is a must for all of us, men and women, to maintain good health, be happy and active in our day to day activities whatever and wherever they are. A weak person can neither be busy nor enjoy life as it should be enjoyed. The adage that health is wealth is absolutely correct. We have seen weak people losing gusto in life.  It is said by health experts that if we follow a perfect diet system in accordance with the need of our mind and body as prescribed by doctors, we can avoid many diseases and live a wonderful life free from health related worries. 

One can take honey in different ways to maintain good health. It contains many vitamins and minerals. Honey is not only tasty, but also helps us in keeping good health. Everyone likes it – from children to aged people.. It is used even as a sauce. Since time immemorial it has been in use as a promoter of health. But we must keep one thing in mind. Its purity is important. 

In the holy Quran and sayings of Prophet Mohammed (sal-am) there are mentions about the importance and benefits of honey. It is a good remedy for many illnesses. It is recorded that the prophet (sal-am) used to drink honey mixed with water on an empty stomach. Unani doctors prescribe medicines to be used with honey for patients not only because it is sweet but also because it has many advantages.  

Honey is considered as useful for digestive problems such as indigestion, stomach ulcer and gastroenteritis also. It is a sort of tonic essential for a healthy life.Dabur Honey is readily available to us in medical stores, departmental stores and other shops at a reasonable price.

We understand that Dabur Honey is sourced from the finest locations in Himalayas and the forests of Sunderbans. It goes through strict quality checks before being processed using the most advanced technology available. The entire process happens in the most hygienic environment with no human contact with the product or the bottles. This ensures that Honey retains its natural properties and pure honey comes to you with the promise of good health and fitness.

It is better to give a healthy start to our day with a spoonful of Dabur Honey with a glass of warm water as recommended. In the following link Dabur’s Diet Planner is available. One can follow and benefit from it. 
Dabur Diet gives instructions how to  stay fit and feel young.  Popular Chef Vikas Khanna’s recipes using honey are available in the link. We can make healthy dishes with the help of this culinary expert who gives a range of recipes that can be made and given them a twist of health with Dabur Honey.   
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