Monday, July 7, 2008

Condolence Message

The passing away of Alijanab Vavoor Khaleelur Rahman saheb is a great loss to the leather industry, The Ambur Muslim Educational Society, Ambur Ahle Sunnath wal jamaath and people of Ambur. He was not just the holder of big posts without involvement. The undeniable fact is that he was an activist and discharged what he considered his responsibilities with much care and attention. Even during his indisposition he worked hard serving the causes dearer to him without any care for his health. One can say without any hesitation that the people of his bold calibre are rare in the community. His passing away has made everyone realise that the responsibilities he held cannot be carried out by one but two or three persons. It clearly shows that he was holding a big burden on him for the sake of the community. This was his beauty par excellence.

Another loss of the community is in the demise of Alijanab Varsala Niamathullah saheb, an Executive Committee member of The Ambur Muslim Educational Society and Muthawalli of the Small Mosque. He was a cool and calm person and discharged his responsibilities well. He has helped many community and Islamic causes. He was a good friend to everyone. We will always miss him.
However the hard truth is that we have to follow them when the call comes from the Creator.
Our heart-felt condolences to the members of the respective bereaved families.
Let us pray to Allah for their "maghfirath". May their souls rest in peace.

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