Thursday, August 28, 2008


Karumbattur Showkath Ali bhai, yes the same person for whom interest of the community was dearer, is alas no more. He breathed his last on Wednesday, 27th August 2008 after a brief illness in a Chennai hospital. His body was taken to Ambur and buried there after Namaz-e-Janaza on the same day. Inna Lillahi Wa inna ilaihi rajioon...May God rest his soul in peace.

Showkath bhai was friendly with everyone. His mission was to go to the rescue of the poor and needy students by giving them scholarship from the oneman "association" he had founded. Every year at the time of admissions in educational institutions he used to approach some people and make them help the students. It can be said without any hesitation that he was instrumental in making more and more people realise the importance of higher education. The student strength of Mazharul Uloom College in Ambur increased by his efforts. He used to meet even helpless intelligent students who could not continue their education after Plus Two because of financial crunch and persuade them to seek higher education by extending financial support to them. He was in the educational service of the poor for about two decades.

He studied in Mazharul Uloom High School showing great interst in studies as well as sports. He was a good tennikoit and badminton player and had won on district levels. He looked and behaved like a common man without any inhibition, stiffneckedness, ego, arrogance, anger or any such vice. He was a big and successful raw skins dealer before entering social service. He could realise the sufferings of the people easily and help them. He was soft spoken and always behaved gently. Helpless and poor students used to go to him for scholarship and he obliged them willingly with a good advice and a beautiful smile on his face.

He was an active member of the Executive Committee of The Ambur Muslim Educational Society extending all support and assistance to it.

We will miss him for long and his qualities of head and heart can never be erased from our memory. Let us pray for his "maghfirath".

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