Sunday, February 1, 2009

An appeal to the TN government

The All India Urdu Conference held in Chennai by Measi Urdu Academy and Muslim Educational Association of Southern India on 31st January 2009 has rightly appealed to the government of Tamil Nadu to exempt the Urdu speaking children from the existing Tamil Nadu Learning Act 2006 and allow them to study their mother tongue Urdu as the first language in schools which are having facilities for its teaching. According to an estimation there are more than 300 schools in Tamil Nadu offering Urdu as a medium of instruction or first language.

It is not fair to deprive any child from learning his/her mother tongue in school. Urdu is a sweet language spoken all over the country and abroad. Even Nehruji's mother tongue was Urdu. It is is one of the officially recognized languages in India and has official language status in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi.

The Tami Nadu government must be aware that removing Urdu from part I and thus preventing children from studying their mother tongue will very much harm the educational upliftment of the Urdu speaking minority, render Urdu teachers jobless and create a situation for closure of Urdu schools.

We request the goverment of Tamil Nadu to consider the appeal made by the Urdu conference now and others in the past and help the Urdu speaking minority to march forward in the educational arena without any hamper.

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