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Current norms on leather identification holding up exports -- Financial Express dated 28.8.2000

Current norms on leather identification holding up exports
VM Khaleelur Rahman
Chennai: There is very good overseas demand for leather, but the existing norms for identification of finished leathers are a hurdle in the way of increasing the exports of leather many-fold and earning more and more foreign exchange to the country. `Light colours' in both grain and suede selections cannot be exported under these norms though they are fully finished in every respect and meant for direct use in either shoe or garment factories in abroad. Many leading exporters add that this fact is well known to the CLRI and different leather associations, but nothing has been done so far to rectify this anomaly.
Fashion changes quite often in leather and leather exporters have no alternative to supply the goods in accordance with colour specifications of buyers. Their inability to produce and export `light colours' has deprived them of their overseas orders many a time, buyers preferring to cover their requirements from some other country. Foreign customers want to have business only with those tanners who can execute their contracts fully for all items without any excuse whatsoever.
Indian exporters cannot expect the customer to buy `dark colours' from here and `light colours' from some other country. Although this practical difficulty is known to everybody, a solution to this burning problem is yet to be found. Many exporters feel that the existing norms should be suitably amended to facilitate the exports of light colours without any further delay and harming the leather industry.
Both goat and cow lining are in demand at different prices depending as the quality and selection. While goat linings in good marks fetch at around $0.75/$0.65 for TR/TRR grades. Cow linings DEF/GII are sold at around $0.90/$0.80 per square feet CIF by sea. It is expected that market may pick up further as soon as holidays are over in the middle of September in Europe and America.
F/C sheep nappa and cabretta continue to be in good demand at almost unchange prices here and abroad. The EI tannned goat skins almost all items are sold. Goat Garment suede/All suede/Shoe suede/Heel grip are sold at around Rs 32/Rs 29/Rs 26/Rs 21 and A/B/C linings at around Rs 19/ Rs 17 /Rs 15 per square feet respectively. There is demand for `Rejection' and `Langda' at around Rs 160 and Rs 135 per kg. Good quality wetblue goat skins size 3/5 run is bought at around Rs 50 and otehr grades VII/VIII and IX/X at around Rs 38 and Rs 25 per square feet respectively. Wetblue wool sheep skins 5/6 size lot is sold at around Rs 200 and `Rejection' at around Rs 75 per piece.
Courtesy : Financial Express dated Monday, 28th August, 2000

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