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Chennai: No doubt, the Muslims of Tamil Nadu have improved educationally to some extent during the past two decades, thanks to the awakening among them for higher education such as medical and engineering even though it is not as fast and vigorous as in other communities. The Tamil Nadu Haj Service Society is guiding the community by conducting free educational counselling and courses through its Educational Counselling Centre.
Of late, Muslims have started understanding that they cannot think of progress and prosperity without higher education. The IT industry is also attracting a large number of students and traditional business such as leather, textile, hardware etc. are losing their charm due to various reasons. Time changes and unless we change with the times, we will stand nowhere in the glare of the world.

The Tamil Nadu Haj Service Society is guiding the community by successfully conducting free educational counselling and other courses to boys and girls by its Educational Counselling Centre established in the year 2004. Hundreds of students - both boys and girls - are benefited every year by its highly useful guidance. There is a team of well qualified and experienced counsellors and efficient administrative staff to guide them. The counsellors are happy that they have been successful in bringing out the hidden talent and in-built potential of the students during the counselling sessions in the presence of their parents. A number of students who had counselling in the Centre have completed their studies and secured placements as doctors, engineers, teachers, etc.

M. Mohammed Hashim is the President, H. Muhammed Afzal the Hon. Secretary and A. Mohammed Ashraf the Hon. Treasurer of the Tamil Nadu Haj Service Society, Chennai which is situated at No. 3, Demellows Road, Choolai, Chennai – 600 112.

A team of eminent faculty has started giving higher educational guidance to students on the first come first served basis. They are also conducting the following courses for the benefit of the community:

1. Certificate course in language - Basic Urdu
2. Certificate course in spoken language - English
3. Certificate course in basic computers - Hardware and Software
Duration of the course is two and a half months (From 1st April to 15th June 2010)
Timings: 4.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. Separate arrangements and exclusive dates/schedules are available for girl students.

When I visited the Haj House to make an on-the-spot study of their activities, I saw many students and parents seeking guidance there from the experienced faculty. Urdu, English and Computer classes were also in progress.

The following are the panel members for 2010 who have come forward to serve the community without expecting any remuneration.

1. Janab L.W. Abdul Wadood, M.A., M.Phil, retired Professor of Economics, Jamal Mohammed College, Trichy
2. Janab M.J.A. Meeran, M.Sc., M.Phil, retired Professor of Physics, The New College, Chennai
3. Janab R. Akbar Ansari, B.Sc, MBA, PGDFM, DCPA, Assistant Manager, Indian Bank, International Division, Chennai
4. Dr. S. Dawood Sharief, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Vice-Principal of Evening College, The New College, Chennai
5. Janab A. Mohammed Meeran, B.Sc, Bio-Chemist (Rtd), Corporation of Chennai, Chennai
6. Janab Mohammed Fayaz, B.Sc, M.A., M.Ed., Educational Consultant, Chennai
7. Janab M.I. Mohamed Ayub, M.Sc., M.A., M.Ed., PGDCA, Principal, Anaikar Higher Secondary School, Chennai
8. Captain Zahid Hussain, M.A., M. Phil, Selection grade lecturer, Dept. of economics, The New College
9. Janab A. Syed Javid Hassan, M.Com., MBA, M.Ed, PGDFM, Accounts and Finance Consultant, Chennai
10. Dr. Mazher Sultana, M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D, P.G.D, (Bio.Tech), Additional Professor, Presidency College, Chennai
11. Dr. S.K. Zareena, M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D, (Education), Principal, MEASI College of Education, Chennai.

The efforts taken by the Educational Counselling Centre and the faculty are really praiseworthy. Their guidance is helpful to the students in selecting the right course of study for them. One feels that such activities which are going on in some other places also should be undertaken in as many places as possible in order to make the community realize the importance of higher education more and more and provide them details about available degree courses, their importance, fee structures, scholarships, colleges having these courses etc.

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