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By V.M. Khaleelur Rahman

Islamia College, Vaniyambadi was the first college established by Muslims in Tamil Nadu. A brief history is as under:

It is on record that the Muslims of Vaniyambadi established the Vaniyambadi Muslim Educational Society (VMES) in 1901 and Islamiah Elementary School in 1903 inspired by the message of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. The school developed well and became popular by the great efforts of Janab T. Hajee Badruddin saheb, Janab Malang Hayath Batcha saheb, Janab T. Ameenuddin saheb and Janab Malag Ahmed Batcha saheb and the full fludged Islamiah High School came into existence in 1912.

His Excellency Lord Pentland, the then Governor of Madras Province laid the foundation stone for Islamiah College as per resolution passed by the VMES and with large hearted donations from the Muslim philanthropists the college came into existence in 1919 and got recognition in 1921. The building in which the college is functioning today was inaugurated by Nawab C. Abdul Hakeem saheb who gave a munificent donation of Rs.50,000 to the Society.

The Muslims of Vaniyambadi were instrumental in making the Muslims of Tamil Nadu realise the importance of modern education. Thank Allah there are many science and arts and engineering colleges established and run by the Muslims of Tamil Nadu. Of course what is conspicuous by absence is a medical college established and run by Muslims here. There is an urgent need for the community to ponder over it and do the needful at the earliest. It is noteworthy that in the other three Southern States – Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra – Muslims have established Medical colleges.

Now Islamiah College is a full fledged high grade science and arts college offering many undergraduate and post graduates courses in many disciplines. It has also been recognized as a research institution for Ph.D in commerce, physics, chemistry and mathematics. It is now affiliated to the Thiruvalluvar University.

The college has well-ventilated spacious lecture halls, well equipped laboratories, library with excellent books, Dr. Allama Mohammed Iqbal Auditorium, two storey Malang Endowment Hostel etc. and it was accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ grade.

The College has been providing higher education to the people of all castes and communities without any discrimination whatsoever right from its inception.

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