Saturday, September 13, 2014

Alas Qasim Bhopali saheb is no more

Assalamu Alaikum

 It is learnt with deep sorrow that internationally reputed and well known Maulana Qari Hafiz Mohammed Qasim Bhopali sahib who was Khatheeb and Imam of Periamet Mosque in Chennai for long is no more. He passed away in Bhopal which is his native place. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon………..Burial will take place in Bhopal today. (13-09-2014)
Maulana Hafiz Qari Mohammad Qasim Ansari sahib was born in Bhopal in the year 1957. As a student he showed keen interest in Quran and learnt Quranic Phonetics and the art to recite Quran from "Master of Qaris" Shaikh Qari latheefur Rahman Sahib, Yamani. He also represented India at Makkah and Malasiya in the Years 1980 and 1983 and at several other Qirath meets which had won him great Laurels.

Qari Sahib was a student of Darul uloom,Islamia Arabia, Bhopal. He was an excellent Qrator,Hafiz and Qari, besides that was also former Imam and Khateeb of Perimet mosque which is one of the well known mosques of Tamilnadu.

He was living in Chennai with his family - wife and three children in his flat. Eldest son is Hafiz. He served in the Periamet mosque for about 30 years. His Quranic tafseers given in Periamet mosque have been published by interested people.His qirat was recorded and marketed.

 After coming out from the responsibility of the Periamet mosque, he was giving tafseer of Quran in masjids from time to time and attending social functions. He led taraweeh prayers in every Ramadan in Anjuman-e- himayat-e-Islam mosque.
Both in Periamet and Anjuman mosques people gathered in large numbers to pray under him and listen to his recitation which is most attractive in his sweet voice. He had a wonderful memory and his hifz of the holy Quran was perfect beyond any doubt. Moreover his Jumma khuthba was also of much interest to the people. He used to sermon to the point without indulging in any controversy.  He was for unity of the different schools of thought. We miss him miserably. 

May his soul rest in peace. Let us all pray for his maghfirath.

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His awesome Qirat is available in the following link:

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  1. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon. We are lost a religious diamond who served and taken in the way of deen .
    we never get again like this personality.I the first contact person with him in his life of Chennai in 1979 .KHATEEB RAFATHULLAH , CHENNAI