Monday, June 22, 2015

Qirath of late Maulana Mohammed Qasim Bhopali sahib

 The great Qari, Hafiz, Mufassir and orator par excellence Maulana Mohammed Qasim Bhopali sahib is not with us during this Ramadan. His peaceful recitation of the holy Quran gave "sukoon" to one and all. He was the Qazi and Imam of Periamet Masjid for about 30  years. His sweet recitation, excellent Jumma Khuthba and his weekly  appealing Tafseer (interpretation) of the holy Quran attracted people from far and near to the Masjid. During Ramadan people thronged to the Taraweeh prayers conducted by him in the Periamet Mosque and so was the case when he conducted Taraweeh prayers in Anjuman-e-Himayat-e-Islam masjid. 

He was one of the best international Qaris. He had won many laurels in many international Qirat competitions. We miss him miserably during this sacred month of Ramadan. He passed away in his native place Bhopal and his burial took place on 13th September 2014.
His awesome Qirat is available in the following link:


His beautiful recitation of the entire holy Quran is in the following link:

Let us pray for his maghfirat. 

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