Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Janab N. Mohammed Sayeed saheb, General Secretary, Ambur Muslim Educational Society (AMES) in association with two other associations arranged a meeting on Monday, 10th August 2015 at Ambur Trade Centre (ATC) to pay tributes to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India, who passed away recently.  It was well attended by students of different schools and colleges, politicians belonging to different parties, social activists, Muthavallees of mosques etc. The main hall of the Centre was full.

Janab N. Mohammed Sayeed saheb welcomed the gathering and paid high tributes to Dr. Abdul Kalam by mentioning his scientific and other contributions to the country and his qualities of head and heart which are rare. 

Janab M. Khaleelur Rahman,  President of a recently started party, was the moderator of the meeting. 

Cash prizes were given to the meritorious students of different institutions of Ambur by Janab N. Mohammed Sayeed saheb.  

The Princial of Mazharul Uloom College Dr. P.M. Aadil Ahmed gave an excellent power point presentation detailing the life of Dr. Kalam from his childhood to passing away.  It was very much liked by the huge gathering present. 

Janab Khatheeb Shihabuddin saheb, Qazi of Ambur Ahle Sunnath Wal Jamaat, boys and girls of different educational institutions,  political personalities, social activists and others addressed the gathering and paid rich tributes to Dr. Abdul Kalam by saying that he took India to new heights in the field of science and technology and lived a life of pristine pure honesty and unimaginable simplicity mixing with all sections of the people without any inhibition whatsoever.  It was mentioned that even while he was the President of India in New Delhi, he lead a simple life following austerity. When his family members visited him, he spent for them from his pocket, and during the month of Ramadan instead of giving posh ifthar party to the elites as was in practice, the estimated amount of Rs.22 lakh was given to some orphanages in the shape of food, dresses and blankets. Costly gifts given to him during his visits abroad were photographed, catalogued and handed over to the archives without getting anything, even a pencil from them.

Janab N. Mohammed Sayeed saheb is a man of action, not just speech. AMES of which he is the General Secretary, has decided to start a Centre by name Dr. Kalam Vision Foundation to encourage and help students for getting higher education and emulating the example of this great scientist and humanist of the present age.

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