Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hajj Stampede Tragedy - some suggestions


  M. Ghazali Khan  
May Allah bless those who got shahadat in Mina; may He bless their survivors with sabre-e-jameel and protect the minor children, orphaned as a result of it, from the difficulties orphanhood often brings.
There are conflicting reports on the cause of this tragedy, some criticising the Saudi administration others blaming the carelessness of Hajis from certain countries. Let’s hope and pray that Saudi authorities will look at all the possibilities contributing to this painful incident.

However, the fact is that no matter how good and how efficient are the arrangements the increasing number of pilgrims will keep on making existing arrangements insufficient. Steps MUST be taken to reduce this number. There is no sense of people performing multiple Hujj creating problems and safety hazards for others. Surely by performing Hajj only once the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has left a lesson for us to learn.

Having been to Hajj in 2013, the year when in view of the ongoing heavy construction in the Haram, the number of pilgrims was drastically reduced and restricted, I am a witness to its benefits. In comparison to the stories I keep on hearing from Hajis, and also what I have been watching on TV, our Hajj that year was far more easier and Alhamdulillah everyone could perform all the arakans without much struggle.

Ordinary folks like us who are thinking of performing second or third Hajj can at least do our bit by cancelling our plan and spend this money for some other good cause like financing the education of a deserving Muslim child/youth or helping a poor Muslim girl in getting married. We can at least use our influence on close friends and relatives who are planning to go on a second and third Hajj.

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