Monday, January 11, 2016

Hajj Pilgrimage for 1437 (H) - 2016 (CE) - Application Process from 14-01-2016

The Haj Committee of India, Mumbai – 400 001 has made announcement for Hajj 1437 (H) 2016(CE) as follows:

The process of application of Hajj – 2016 through Hajj Committee of India (HCoI) shall commence on 14.01.2016, Booklets containing guidelines and Hajj Application Forms (HAF) shall be available free of cost from State / Union Territory Hajj Committees (SHCs) or can be downloaded from

 Applicants must read the guidelines carefully before filling up and submitting their HAFs. The filled up HAFs shall be accepted in the office of respective HSCs from 14th January 2016, till 8th Februarty 2016 during working hours. The applicants must have a machine readable valid Indian International Passport issued on or before 08.02.2016 and valid at least up to 10.03.2017.

For more details and  submitting Hajj Application Forms online,  log on to

Those who want to perform Hajj during this year (2016) can immediately do the needful as mentioned above. 

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