Monday, October 17, 2016

Alas Usmansa Hazrat is no more.

Mautul Aalimi Mautul Aalami

It was with much sadness that people in Ambur and its surrounding places received the news of Maulana Hafiz Qari Mohammed Usman sahib’s passing away on Thursday, 13th October 2016. He was the Imam and Khatheeb of Chowk Masjid at Ambur from 1953 to 1996 – about 43 years. Alhamdulillah – a great achievement. It is also learnt that on the whole he conducted the Taraweeh prayers in Ramazan mostly in Chowk Masjid and also in some other masjids for 50 years. His qirath was so attractive and beautiful that quite a large number of people from far and near places used to attend the Taraweeh prayers conducted by him. He was the darling of the masses including scholars, Many Pesh Imams and students wanted to toe his recitation of the holy Quran.

He started his teaching career from Jalaliya elementary school. He taught the holy Quran and Deeniyat to pupils with a missionary zeal.

Maulana Usman sahib’s Jumma khuthbas were very meaningful and useful to the people. He always came to the mosque well prepared to deliver his Friday sermon. He was a well behaved and a well- dressed Imam saheb the likes of whom are rare.  There are thousands of his admirers who respected him immensely and followed his advices.

Industrialist Janab N. Mohammed Farooque sahib, who is an admirer of Islamic scholars, happily took the trouble in collecting his Friday sermons , brought out two books containing them and distributed them at free of cost to people. These two books of Usman Hazrat’s khuthbas are very popular among all sections of the people.

Maulana Usman hazrat was also a great disciplinarian in his talks as well as deeds.
His short biography has also been published in Urdu. His Salaatul Janaaza took place after Asar prayers at Jamia Masjid and he was buried in the Qabristan there.

Let us pray for his “maghfirat”. 

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