Friday, September 19, 2008


The article "The holy text and terror" by Mr. S. Gurumurthy in The New Indian Express dated 18 September 2008 is to say the least in bad taste. The author cannot be unaware of the fact that Islam is for peace, equality and brotherhood of the entire humanity.

At the outset I would like to say that Islam does not permit even hurting the feelings of anybody leave alone the question of killing any innocent person. The Prophet Mohammed (Sal-am)'s saying is that killing a person is like killing a society. No Muslim can and should take the law in his own hands.

Mr. Gurumurthy has started his article quoting the idiotic rhetoric of the so called "Indian Mujahideen". Who are these "Indian Mujahideen"? Where are they functioning from? Why is it that they have not been nabbed? Every Indian - whatever may be his or her religion - wants the culprits of the bomb blasts to be punished severely according to the laws of the land. He should know the worry and difficulties Indian Muslims are facing due to bomb blasts and threatening messages of the Mujahideen published in newspapers and telecast on TVs. In bomb blasts people belonging to all religions have lost their lives or got injured. These are all the handiworks of some miscreants bent upon tarnishing the fair name of Islam. They belong to no religion. Every Muslim as any other religionist hates perpetrators of bomb blasts and condemns them.

There is no doubt at all that the stand taken by the Mujahideen is absolutely wrong and mischievous. These people must be anti Muslim and anti Islam elements wanting to destroy the good image of the Islamic faith by quoting the sacred verses out of the context. Every Maulvi explains in his sermon that terrorism is against the concept of Islam. Yes the non-believers mentioned in the holy Quran do not mean non-Muslims. Moreover, these verses were revealed in war times during the time of Prophet Mohammed (Sal-am) in some particular context and are nothing to do with the present time. There are no takers for the version of the Mujahideen who are only devils quoting the scripture for their own selfish purposes.

Even Mrs. Zubeda, the mother of the alleged terrorist Tauqeer has said in her first ever recent interview that if proved guilty, her son can be hanged in public.

The fact is that Islam is for peace, progress and prosperity of all the people. Mr. Gurumurthy's suggestion that “If the Jihadis are aggrieved then they can take the violence against the state" is surprising. We cannot approve it. Everyone has to be a law abiding citizen trying to settle his or her problems through legal channels in a democratic way.

Mr.Gurumurthy's article has no mention about the horrible Gujarat tragedy which brought bad name to our country the worldover for the reasons best known to him even though he has touched this issue. One feels that he is not impartial in this regard. As a writer, as an Indian and also as a Hindu he should write justly taking no sides and suppressing no facts.

A Muslim can never support any terror as it is against his religious concept. There are innumerable instances of Hindus and Muslims sacrificing their lives for each other. The undeniable fact is that all are the creation of the same God and there is no point in creating divisions among them. Let us all join together to make our country a peaceful nation by eradicating injustices and all forms of terrorism which have raised their ugly heads here...

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