Saturday, September 20, 2008


Islam has given a high status for women. Their appointment as members of district level waqf committees in Karnataka cannot be opposed on religious grounds. If there are any other reasons for the opposition, it can be discussed.

It is note-worthy that Tamil Nadu has had a woman Mrs. Bader Sayeed as the Head of the Waqf Board here. Her period was highly successful. There was no opposition worth the name for it. Mrs. Bader Sayeed endeavoured her best to safeguard the interest of the Muslim community in the Waqf Board. It was really a historic one. All jamaats
co-operated with her.

In Karnataka too this can be possible but the women to be appointed should be highly qualified and have good experience in dealing with problems which are expected in this arena. If such women are not available and men are better qualified and experienced, of course they should be preferred.

On the other hand if the decision to appoint Muslim women as members to the waqf board is on the impression that the Muslim community does not like it, it can be considered only as a political stunt and undesirable one. There should be respect for the community to which the Waqf Board belongs. Any unilateral decision will not be in the national interest.

The Karnataka Government and the Muslim community can do well to discuss this issue and arrive at a conclusion. Let the fair name of Islam be not damaged in this tussle for power.

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