Sunday, November 30, 2008

A joint Press Release condemning Mumbai terrorist attacks


Talking with people who do not believe in the same things is not easy, but as concerned citizens, we must use all our combined skills to find a common language of harmony and unite our country with a new inclusive vision of peace and brotherhood.

We represent the moderate majority of our country who are convinced that no cause can be highlighted, much less served, through mindless violence. Terrorism is irrational and anti-life; it can only subvert progress, undermine security and sharpen mistrust.

We strongly condemn the barbaric attacks on our foreign guests and fellow citizens in Mumbai and denounce the sinister intentions underlying this cult of violence. As Indians we stand together united in our resolve to frustrate the sinister intentions of these merchants of cruelty to wound our collective psyche and our oneness as a nation. Terror may make our hearts bleed but it will not break our bonds asunder. The spirit of India is stronger than the arms of terror.

From this desperate and dastardly event, we hear an appeal that comes to us, and to all Indians, loud and clear. We can no longer afford to live the lie that religions are dividing walls. They are brides of brotherhood. The time has come for us that we shall allow none to divide us along the lines of caste or creed. Our Indianness is as dear to as any religion; citizenship is, in fact, the religion we share in common. The duties, loyalties and discipline implied in our citizenship should matter to us first and foremost, if our democratic culture and national unity are to survive. As Indians we are brothers and sisters and, as such, the keepers of each other's life and liberty. We are the proud progeny of Mother India and we shall stay so, no matter what.

We commiserate with those who have lost their loved ones in this carnage and salute those who have laid down their lives in combating the terrorists. We congratulate the security forces, especially the NSG, for a difficult job splendidly done. May peace and good sense prevail. Jai Hind.


1. Valson Thampu - Member, National Integration Council
2. Dr. G.S. Jayasree - Editor, Samyukta, Trivandrum
3. Mini Krishnan - Editor / Publisher, Chennai
4. A. Faizur Rahman - executive committee member, Harmony India, Chennai
5. Usha Jesudasan - Writer, Chennai
6. Vasantha Surya - Poet & Translator
7. Fathima Muzaffer - Vice President, Islamic Information Centre
8. V.M. Khaleelur Rahman - freelance journalist
9. Moulana Abdul Khalique Nadwi - Khateeb, Masji-e-Hira, Chennai
10. Prof. T.M.Zackriah Badsha - Former, Joint Director, Collegiate Education, Chennai

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