Saturday, November 29, 2008

Who is our enemy?

Thank God the Mumbai terror incident has come to an end after about 60 hours of fierce gun battle by our valiant soldiers.

We pay our humble and heartfelt tributes to the ATS Chief Mr. Hemant Karkare, NSG commandos and the police officers who lost their lives fighting for the country. Their martyrdom will always remain in our memory. They are the real patriotic sons of our great country India. We are very proud of them and we salute them.

In this terror war about 195 innocent people have lost their lives and over 300 injured. It is impossible for us to forget this ghastly nightmare. The terror episode should not be considered as over till all the anti India forces who were responsible for it are found out and brought to justice with the help of investigating agencies.

Our country has no other go except to empower the concerned authorities to be alert and take strong measures to nip any mischief in the bud in order to avert any such incident in future.

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