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The days I spent with our teacher Zackeria Hazrath during my high school days are still green in my memory. He was a great teacher with a difference. His approach of teaching was to infuse the spirit of honesty, patriotism, optimism etc. in the minds of his students. He was a dedicated teacher the likes of whom are very rare. He taught three generations of students in the school. It was he who gave us (his students) the strength and motivation to be confident and adopt optimistic outlook in our life.  

Optimism is really a wonderful attitude. History proves beyond any doubt that optimists have been successful to a great extent in different fields of activity unlike pessimists and so called realists. Even in the present world we can see hard working people with well chalked out plans succeeding in life. Prophet Mohammed was a great optimist. He gave importance to hard work and inspired people to live a dignified life with their hard earned money. He kissed the hands of the enterprising and hard working people. He asked the rich to help the poor and needy and at the same time asked the poor people not to go to the door of any rich person for alms if they are hale and healthy. He was for establishing equality and brotherhood among the people. The quran says: 

“O mankind, indeed we have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noblest of you in the sight of God is the best in conduct.”
We must ponder over this verse and try to consider all people as one big community whatever may be our language, colour, creed or any such thing. Of course it requires an optimistic attitude to consider so. 

A pessimist never gains anything but lands in troubles. The Quran says in clear terms that “ Indeed, God will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves”. It simply means that one has to plan and try to implement it to achieve the result. Nothing comes from the above without hard work. The divine concept is that after hard work one has to seek God’s blessings for success. Success comes to those who persevere in their fields of activity. There is need to change our mindset in accordance with the need of the present time keeping honesty in mind. 

Our former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is a great optimist. His books  Ignited Minds and Wings of Fire show his  great optimism. Wherever he goes and meets people particularly students, the future generation, he advises them to dream and achieve what they prefer. In other words he wants them to be optimists and come up in life with flying colours  to build our great country India and make it a super power. We must be strong not to threaten others but to defend ourselves and save the world from disasters. 

The great poet philosopher Iqbal was an optimist. His poems are full of optimistic thoughts. Two of his couplets are given below to make readers understand his approach to optimism. 

1.  Wahee Jahaan hai tera jis ko tu kare paida
Yeh sang-o-khisht naheen jo teree nigah mein hai

Your world is the one which you create yourself,
Not these stones and bricks which are in your sight. 

2.  Afraad ke haatone mein hai aqwaam ki taqdeer,
Her fard hai millat ke taqdeer ka sitaara

        The destiny of nations is in the hands of individuals,
        Similarly every person of the community is its destiny’s star

Optimism is the great secret of the success of many industrials, businessmen, teachers, social activists, scientists, players and so on. If a person determines and works hard with optimism, he is bound to succeed. 

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