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V.M. Khaleelur Rahman

Dr. Faiz Ahmed C is to be felicitated for his excellent educational achievements on 6th February 2016 in a function to be held at 6.00 p.m. in A.S. Hall, Pernambut. Padma Shri Mr.  Mecca Rafeeque Ahmed, Chairman, Farida Group of Companies, is to be the Chief Guest in it and felicitate him. 

This function has been arranged by Talent Identification and Empowerment Trust (TIET) which is really doing a very great service to encourage, educate and empower youngsters. 

It is in the fitness of things that a great architect is to be felicitated by a great industrialist Mr. Mecca Rafeeque Ahmed who is the recipient of Padma Shri. Alhamdulillah – all praise and thanks be to Allah.

These gentlemen have worked hard to achieve their goals and Allah has blessed them with what they wanted. The holy Quran says in verse 13:11 - Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.

Pernambut has the credit of producing brilliant people in scientific as well as spiritual areas. In this town we can see people who are typically backward, highly orthodox with their own brand of religious education and also those who are well qualified in medicine, science and technology of which there is great emphasis in the holy Quran. 

This town has produced many doctors, practising lawyers, engineers, businessmen, tanners, architects, professors, teachers, technicians and even a pilot as far as I know. 

Dr. Faiz Ahmed hails from a respectable family connected with the leather industry. His father is Mr. C. Farooque Ahmed, son of Mr. C. Abdur Rasheed, younger brother of Mr. C. Abdullah who was a well known leather merchant of his time in Periamet, Chennai. 

A time was there when Muslim business men vied with one another in giving charities and donations for public and humanitarian causes. Mr. C. Abdullah was one of them. It is said that once he agreed to donate Rs.5000, a big amount at that time, for the building fund of a mosque. 

After sometime when Mr. C. Abdullah was approached for the amount, he asked his CEO Mr. P.K. Obedur Rahman, who was his son in law, to pay the amount. He hesitated because the company could not afford to donate that big amount. He told him in private “if we pay this amount, we will have to close the company”. Lo! The philanthropist asked him to pay the amount as promised for a noble cause !!!

Born in this respectable family, Dr. Faiz Ahmed C has proved his mettle in the education field and brought laurels not only to himself, but also to his family, his community and of course to the institutions he studied in. Today he is the darling of the people in Pernambut and also elsewhere. 

Dr. Faiz Ahmed is Co-founder at Formation Studio Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc), School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada, an institution of national importance, Government of India. 

His academic qualifications:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Anna University, School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai, India (2012-2015)

Masters In Urban and Regional Planning (MURP), University Francois, Rabelais, Tours, France ( 2010-2011)

Masters in Planning (M. Plan), Anna University, School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai, India (2009-2012)

Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch), Anna University, School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai (2004-2009)

His Personal Summary

Researcher – Built-Environment analyst Integration of 3D city models at various stages of Urban Planning processes is the essence of his research work. This integration is for efficient and dynamic planning and design of an urban spaces and it is made possible with the use of advanced spatial analytical tools like GIS, CityEngine etc.

As far as his Areas of Experience, Career History, Publications, Training Programme and Workshop, Seminar Paper Presentation, Professional Training Received, Conferences/Workshops attended, Freelance Architectural Consultancy Projects etc. are concerned, it is all in his personal profile which can be seen in the link given below:

We wholeheartedly congratulate Dr. Faiz Ahmed for his great achievements and wish him all the best in life.

Update - Following are the photos of the Felicitation Function held in Pernambut
for Dr. Faiz Ahmed C.


  1. Hearty congratulations to Dr. Faiz from your computer instructor.

  2. Great article! But he did his bachelor's degree in MEASI. Dr Faiz has proven to all of us, that nothing can stop one self from achieving their goals. He has set an example for the youths. He was encouraged by his mother and his uncle at every instance. I'm sure his father would have been very proud of him. He is just as hardworking as his father. Like father like son!

  3. Congratulations Bro... Wish you all the Success for bright future... -Bharadwaj

  4. Masha Allah!
    Being Simple by having tons of degrees!��