Tuesday, February 2, 2016



V. M. Khaleelur Rahman

The Marriage Advisory Council successfully conducted 2 day premarital counsellors training programme on 30th and 31st January 2016 at Asha Nivas, Rutland Gate in Chennai.  Alhamdulillah.

It is learnt that total participants in the 2 days training workshop were 102 men and women from different parts of Tamil Nadu.

The Marriage Advisory Council is doing a great service to the community by providing excellent counselling to prospective brides and bride grooms at the present time when there is an abnormal increase in the divorce cases. One feels that by giving proper advice and guidance in the light of the holy Quran and Ahaadith Insha Allah marriages can be saved from collapse. Divorce is the worst thing. It is said that heaven is shaken when divorce is pronounced.

When there is a clear system  for divorce in the case of an absolute necessity, resorting to senseless and hasty triple divorce is highly condemnable according to all schools of  thought. Because of immaturity and ignorance, some angry husbands take to this and regret later. The Marriage Advisory Council is trying to educate the youngsters and their parents how a married life can be made happy and blissful as per Islamic procedures.

The Marriage Advisory Council needs the support and guidance of the community particularly ulamas to effectively implement and bring in more professional trained marriage counsellors in all areas of Tamil Nadu.

Engineer P.K. Shabbir Ahmed

Our ulama can highlight the destruction the family disputes and separations have brought to the community. Both husband and wife have to follow a give and take policy in a married life. Prophet Mohammed (sal-am) is the best example for it.

The Council appeals to everyone to come forward and network for this need of the hour taking into consideration the present alarming rates of marriages falling apart and affecting our homes and community.

May Allah keep our homes protected and bless our families  with  happiness.

To conduct:

1.Training for counsellors.
2.Workshops for youth for  pre marital guidance
3.Provide professionals for post marriage conflict resolution for couples, please contact:

Marriage Advisory Council.

Conveners :

1. Mr.Ibnu Saud (Mbl:+91 9444380600), 2. Mr.Abdur Raheem Patel (Mbl:+91 9003013949),

3. Mrs.Fathima Muzaffer (Mbl:+91 9941837786), 4. Mrs.Sumaiya Sadaq (Mbl:+91 9994153115)

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